Liya Ren

Citistar Financial has opened my vision to new opportunities, new market, and new ways of doing things. The powerful system and support of the company had lifted me higher and allowed advisors to become the best in the industry. Overcoming all competition with...

Jessie Guo

Citistar has helped me become a Top of the Table within a year! The team has brought me the most detailed, systematic, and high-end training knowledge. Whether it is from the market, the product, or the language, everything taught to us is the most essential in this...

Claire Qiu

The strong support provided by the administrative team had given me a peace of mind to grow my business. My everyday life only needs to focus on two things: to improve my knowledge skills and take care of clients. The rest? Well assured give it to Citistar!

Jeffrey Yuan

Being a professional advisor for the past few years, I had finally made a right decision to join Citistar Financial- One of the top MGA firms in Canada. Citistar had perfectly interpreted what is the core competitiveness of the industry. The professional and...

Ella Chen

I truly love the consistent new agent training program, especially the role play session. It certainly helped me to better understand the industry and the products.